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Fight the Right!


Happy Halloween

This is likely to be the first post of an ongoing project. I modelled this new character ‘Skello’ ideally for various poses and animations in time for the Halloween and Day of the Dead festivals. Unfortunately I ran out of time and only managed this render. I’ll take this up again next year after some modifications to the model. Stay tuned, and Happy Halloween!!



Spider-Man Hi-Res wallpapers

Wow! I created Spider-Man!! While not easy it was great practise at character modelling and rigging. I thought it great to put him into a few classic poses and release them as desktop wallpapers for your pleasure. You can thank me later ;)
Can you tell comics these poses come from? ¬†Right click and select ‘download image’ to…… the image!



download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


download wallpaper 1920×1080


Rise and Shine

My latest collection shows how far I’ve come in regards to modelling, rigging and skinning. Lots more to come!






America’s Favourite

According to a recent scientific study, Oreo cookies are apparently more addictive than cocaine!? True or not, this kind of leaves me wondering what do they put into their ‘white stuff’! This fact also inspired my latest batch of artwork.


I initially had this idea after viewing a Custard Cream and thought it would be great to replace the text on this English biscuit with something a little more controversial. This idea quickly changed to modelling an Oreo cookie when it transpired that Custard Creams are probably not so well known world wide.




Fight the Right

I think I’m going to start a (single handed?) campaign against all left handers.

Truthfully, I wanted to test out the ‘low poly’ technique in Cinema 4D. This idea I dreamed up was something perfect to try it on.

Fight the Right!

Right is Wrong

Mobile Advertising

Another ad for sky made in the Celtra Mobile advertising platform.
No famous celebrities this time, please view below and enjoy!

I also created the YouTube version of this banner which can be viewed here.

Rich Media Mobile ads

Working with Sky once again, I got the opportunity to create a suite of expandable rich media banners for mobile platforms.
I digitally designed these ads and constructed them entirely through the Celtra mobile advertising platform. Assets were supplied by the Client.

Sky Go Prospects Youtube Masthead

I recently had the opportunity to work on a Youtube Masthead for a Sky Go project. This rich banner contained animation created in Cinema 4D before seamlessly alternating into flash animation. This banner was served through the DoubleClick platform.

I’m glad I got the chance to integrate some Cinema 4D into a flash banner. I hope to get more work like this!


You can view this banner in all its glory here!

you can also view the mobile version of this banner here!

Rich Entertainment banners

I recently worked on the advertising campaign for the acclaimed French film Blue is the Warmest Colour, which (at time of writing) I still haven’t seen.
The suite of banners were all rich, containing an edited sequence from the movie which then led to a prompt for the view to watch the trailer.

These banner ads were served through the MediaMind platform which unfortunately means that unless they’re being viewed via the platform (as in, NOT HERE) you can’t play the banners.

Blue is the warmest colour Layout

Blue is the warmest colour Layout

Nevertheless, here’s a link to layouts for these banners.

Lastest Digital Out Of Homes

More digital out of home work here. This time for clients Barclays and the Disaster Emergency Committee.
These motion pieces were scheduled to appear in the London Underground.

Digital Out Of Homes image

I know, I know, you’d love these move right? Well, here is the Barclays Digital Out Of Home. You can also view that of the DEC here.