It was done.
Exhausted, short of breath she wiped the sweat from her brow. Looked up and saw him standing there looking over her. Witnessing the aftermath, or what was left of it.

“Is she…is it….Gone?” He asked pensively.
He already knew the answer. But perhaps there was a sliver of hope it got away. He just had to hear her say it.

“Yes” she confirmed sensing his disappointment. “She…It… had to go. If what it knew got out…. that’s… that’s IT for the both of us.” “All this…” She gestured to the scene around her, “all this we’ve built…GONE.”

“That’s the problem with secrets” he thought. “sometimes they have a habit of getting out.”

And the problem with death is that sometimes, it denies you.

Tell no one.

The Breastbone short film is an audio-visual collaboration between CrossChannelMusic and Fluid-Lab.

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